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Literature may not be my favorite subject and writing a literature review may a dreadful experience to me. I hate it but what can I do. It is one of requirements to pass the subject. Everything seems to fall apart. Will this end my dream to get my diploma? I tried first to focus on how to write a literature review but I just end up with nothing. I’m glad I ordered from your Writing A Literature Review service.

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outline of literature review

When attempting to write lit revisions for your class, you may struggle with getting started on this notoriously difficult assignment. For many students, when writing their dissertation literature review outline, it is not the actual writing that gives them trouble but getting started on how to organize and structure their literature review outline APA. Professors will be very particular about the lit revision structure so it is very important that you take the time to create a quality outline that fits the standards of how it should look like. If you are struggling with this part of your APA literature review outline, there is no need to panic, as you can turn to us for help and, first of all, check our sample literature review outline.

What an Apa Literature Review Outline?

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An outline is one of the most important tools that can be used while writing a literature review outline. It is a way of collecting your thoughts and accumulating your supporting arguments, organizing them in a way through which you will be better able to understand how to commit the themes to paper. Although creating an outline may seem time-consuming, it also allows writers to better see glaring errors in logic or the format of the paper itself. Usually, an outline will consist of the main topic, with the main idea of each supporting paragraph listed below. Commonly, a few supporting sources will also be listed below each paragraph so that the writer will be able to make sure that all paragraphs are balanced in terms of length and content. The outline serves as the backbone of the paper later on, and also can be used to reformulate ideas quickly if the need arises.

Guide to Writing

  1. Pick a main idea and focus of the paper. Write this down at the top of the outline to serve as the guiding idea. All other supporting ideas must connect back to this main point in some way.
  2. Gather ideas. Depending on the required length of your revision, write down anywhere from 2-5 supporting ideas. These will form the main focus of the body paragraphs or sections (depending on the length of your revision). Like the main topic, every idea presented in each paragraph or section must support the supporting idea of that section.
  3. Pick a strong concluding statement. This is the idea that you will end your revision with, so it should be a novel idea that is supported throughout your entire paper. It should present the reader with something to think about while still relating to your original main idea.
  4. Sketch out the sources or the types of evidence you would like to present for each section. Each idea must be supported by some sort of evidence, and you should write down 2-3 types of supporting documents for each section.
  5. Start building a bibliography. Managing sources can be a very big hassle while writing the paper, due to constantly changing and updating references. The outline should include a start as to how the bibliography will be organized for better ease of access during writing, whether it’s alphabetical or organized by section. This can change in the final product, but the most important part is to keep these organized for yourself at this point in the writing process.

Creating the Outlines

In most situations you will need to create your lit revisions to fit the standards, meaning your outline should also be to the current requirements. If you need assistance for creating an approved literature review outline template, there are resources available that will direct you to the literature review outline example. Or, you can also turn to our professional writing services for help. We aid students in creating an outline for literature review and other types of documents as well.

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How We Can Help

Based on your individual needs, there are a few different ways we can help you. We can have one of our writing professionals create an entirely new literature review outline examples APA for you so you can have a high-quality new revision to turn in and so you can get a better understanding of how a professionally written high-quality literature review outline will look when it’s complete.

When you are struggling with your paper, coming to us for help is always a smart option. Simply contact us through our easy to use contact portal on our website and let us know about your paper and when it is due. From there we will get to work matching you with a professional writer who fits your needs. You will also get the help of our professional customer care team, who is here 24/7 to make sure you are completely satisfied with your final document.

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