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Literature Review in Research Methodology

research methodology review of literature help

Importance of Research Methodology Review of Literature

The examination of data to uncover solid, usable knowledge is heavily influenced by the research methodology that is used. There are a number of statistical tests and analytical processes that may be used in a given situation. The key point is the “given situation”. The methodology used in a scientific study may not be relevant for examination of questions dealing with financial analysis. It is helpful for researchers to have a literature review in research methodology to determine what the best analytical tools to use are.

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Identifying Potential Literature Review Topics

The reviewer not only determines what the topic will be explored in a review of literature in research methodology, but also indicates where such research methodology is best used. That is going to be very important for researchers to understand. As suggested above, there will be situations where the reviewed methodology simply is not going to help. The reviewer has to point that out and this is not always an easy task. While the reviewer may be interested in a given topic, he or she may not yet have considerable experience in a given methodology. Some help can be obtained from a third party literature review service.

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Types of Literature Review in Research Methodology

There are many types of literature reviews when it comes to research methodologies. All of them are similar in that they offer an analysis of current literature in order to explain a viewpoint. However, they differ in their scope and ultimate goal. Below are some types of research methodology literature review:
  • Scoping review. A scoping review offers an extensive analysis of current research on a certain topic. It can be used to give background on the current status of the field and point out areas of ongoing research. This type of review is the most general, and the topic can either be very specific or very broad depending on the goal of the writer.
  • Critical review. A critical review offers a more in-depth analysis of current work, often focused on fewer sources than other literature reviews. Often, these types of reviews are done in order to point out a need in the field for research or information directed at a certain area.
  • Current-state review. The current-state review focuses on current knowledge and the seminal works that have gone into establishing that knowledgebase. The point of this review is to focus on areas for continued development in the future.
  • Conceptual review. The conceptual review is often focused on a very broad topic, but then organizes sources by more focused points. It evaluates the current state of many different research topics that are united by a larger focus, and compares and contrasts them in order to find areas of possible continued improvement and development.

Searching and Advising

A good literature review writing service is able to find the best information currently written on a given research methodology. This third-party can zero in on what can provide the best guidance for researchers in a given field, and how the research methodology can uncover usable facts. This type of service uses professionals who are familiar with the subject area. These people can in turn offer suggestions to the reviewer on how best to analyze the information, and reach viable conclusions. Depending on the services requested, a literature review third-party may also help with the formatting and make grammatical corrections to the drafts. Assistance with the content so that it is easier to understand might also be something the service will provide. The goal of the help rendered is to allow the reviewer to produce something that stands out. That will be definite value to the career of the reviewer but there are other benefits as well.

The importance of literature review in research methodology cannot be underestimated. It helps researchers in the field determine which tools will be used to extract information from data sets. It allows them to operate more efficiently as they do their important work. The review can save an awful lot of time and trouble, and that is a serious benefit. The reviewer who uses a third-party for systems is helping to create a document that helps produce better research results.

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