Legendary works of literature are the works of genius, prolific authors or writers. But no matter how clever they are, many of them still missed on some ridiculous mistakes that you could spot if you’d make a literature review of that work.


Ridiculous Mistake in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Maybe the most ridiculous is when Lavender and Ron, two of the novel’s characters are described to being in the common room, which had up until that point described as a circular room. Hogwarts might just have to stop spending millions on defense classes and start with some basic geometry classes instead.

Literature Writing Mistakes Writers Make

Some writers choose a ridiculous concept for their novel. According to studies, up to 3% of manuscripts submitted contain this mistake. For example, a terrible concept intended for adults may be a life history of the author’s dog. If the writer has committed this mistake, there is no way to fix it but start from scratch again.

Some novel authors or literature writers do not live up to its promises. For example, a thriller story isn’t thrilling enough, or a comedy isn’t actually making you laugh. Writers cannot be so-so about their story, but some of them are. To fix the mistake, the writer might have to choose a better idea or concept.

Those are only a few of the mistakes that authors make in their works. You can spot these during you literature review writing process. However, such a task takes much time to accomplish due to heavy reading and comprehension involved. Finally, you also need to review and edit your work to ensure that you have created a comprehensive and perfect review.

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