Critically Evaluate your Domestic Violence Literature Review

A literature review is one of the most important parts in your research as this establishes the quality and excellence of your study. The crucial part in writing your domestic violence literature review is selecting the right sources that will enable you to highlight the problem, theories and ideas of your paper.

Primary sources will give you the leverage to establish the credibility of your research as an effective contribution to your chosen field. In writing your domestic violence literature review, be sure to critically analyze and assess the literatures to make a sound and logical recommendations and conclusion.

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Against Women: Assessment of Literatures

To most writing their literature review can be tough mainly because this requires good grasp of the topic. In order for you to maximize the quality of your literature review on domestic violence against women, you should start early. This will give you enough time in order to properly organize the information that will serve as foundation to your research. In your domestic violence literature review, you should be able to effectively discuss the prominent ideas and theories and how this differs and conforms to your own study.

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