What Is Literature Review in Research Methodology?

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What is Literature Review in Research Methodology? Learn Moreā€¦

What is literature review in research methodology? This part of your academic paper basically allows you to write all body of literature and published writings on your specific topic. Your lit review basically enables you to establish a strong case for your research which is why you should carefully select the published information and data based on its relevance to the research questions.

The crucial aspect in your literature review is selecting the best literatures that will help you answer all questions in order to maximize the impact and reliability of your research.

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Your paper should be able to answer what the problem is and why it is relevant to your specific field of expertise. Remember that your research papers offer you the chance to contribute something relevant and this can be done effectively through the help of quality literature review on research methodology. The review is the examination of your body of literature that points to the answer of research questions. In writing your lit review, make sure that you select what type of literature you wish to include, the credibility of its authors and years it was published.

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