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Writing Literature Review on Advertising Impact

literature review on advertising impact

Literature Review on Advertising Impact: Backbone of your Research

Writing a good literature review can be one of the most complicated and time-consuming aspect of your paper. The main thing that you should consider when you are writing literature review on advertising impact is finding the right primary sources as to ensure that you will utilize only credible data.

Linguistics & Literature
Economics & Management
Law & Political Science
Psychology & Sociology
Philosophy & Religion
Biology & Chemistry
Computer Science & Math
Medicine & Health, and More!

Research is crucial when you are crafting your lit review so allocate time to effectively establish the effectiveness of your paper. In your literature review on advertising impact, you should not blindly accept other author’s findings but critically examine it. Besides, you may find more about  review of literature on brand awareness on our site.

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Literature Review on Billboard Advertising

Much of the country travels to and from work each day, and billboard advertisements ensure that a company can gain thousands of new views a day. This can lead to brand recognition and awareness, as well as increased sales. However, different types of billboard advertising can appeal to different audiences, and it is important to figure out which type is suitable for the needs of a specific product or company. A literature review of billboard advertising strategies can help to optimize and develop future advertising strategies for ensuring maximum effectiveness of billboard ads.

Topics can include:

  1. Billboard Advertisement Locations
  2. Best Symbols to Put on a Billboard Ad
  3. Types of Responses to Billboard Ads
  4. Demographics of Consumers Reading Billboard Ads
  5. The effectiveness of Billboard Ads throughout History
  6. Types of Billboard Ads
  7. Billboard Ad Animations
  8. The Height of Billboard Ads and Their Effectiveness
  9. Types of Companies That Advertise on Billboards
  10. Most Effective Billboard Ad Campaigns

Literature Review on Radio Advertising

As one of the first types of media able to reach audiences across large geographical regions, radio entertainment is a daily part of many people’s lives. Many people look to radio to keep them company through commutes or throughout their work. With such a ready audience, radio advertising is a fantastic way to reach a variety of different audiences. When done correctly, radio advertising can be an excellent way to let consumers know about a new product or a service. This is the reason why a literature review can be extremely useful for determining the right type of radio advertising to fit a variety of needs.

Topics include:

  1. Most Popular Radio Advertisements
  2. The Best Radio Channels to Advertise
  3. Effective Radio Advertisement Topics
  4. Regarding Demographic Targets of Radio Advertisements
  5. Consumer Reactions to Radio Advertisements
  6. Effects of Radio Advertising on Small Businesses
  7. Components of Successful Radio Advertising Campaigns
  8. Target-Driven Radio Advertising
  9. Statistics on Radio Consumerism

Literature Review on Social Media

With the recent trend in social media usage, it can be a valuable way to reach new consumers who are highly technologically engaged. However, not all types of social media advertising are equally as effective in reaching target audiences. A literature review can help to identify the types of strategies that are most likely to gain the attention of social media users, thus helping to increase the outreach potential of advertising.

Some potential topics include:

  1. The effectiveness of Facebook Advertisements
  2. Demographics of Social Media Usage
  3. Advertising Costs on Social Media
  4. Effective Banner Ads on Social Media
  5. Utilizing Social Media for Advertising
  6. Statistics on Social Media Advertisements
  7. Visibility of Different Social Media Ad Placements
  8. Different Social Media Sites and Their Advertising Potential
  9. Social Media Advertising Trends
  10. Failed advertisements on Social Media

Literature Review on TV Advertising

As one of the most popular types of entertainment for the past few decades, there are few homes who do not own at least one television set. Due to its popularity and the multitude of programming available, television advertising is a powerful tool to reach consumers all across the country, and now, internationally as well. However, the effectiveness of television advertising depends strongly on how an advertisement is designed and presented to the consumer. A review of existing literature on the topic of television advertising can be very helpful in determining the right types of advertising to elicit maximum consumer response.

List of possible topics:

  1. Most Popular Television Channels and Programs
  2. Late Night Programming through the Years
  3. Most Effective Television Ads
  4. Review of Literature on Television Ratings
  5. Demographic Targets of Various Television Channels
  6. Most Common Types of Television Ads
  7. Effective Television Advertisement Strategies
  8. Effects of Music and Animation in Television Advertisements
  9. Evolution of Shopping Channels
  10. Most Popular Television Jingles

literature review advertising topics

Making it Easier to Your Lit Review

In writing your literature review on advertising impact, you should be able to properly analyze and summarize your materials. Choose carefully the best ones that represent the relevance of your topic. You should start early and give yourself enough time to write, revise, edit and proofread your lit review. Keep in mind that there is nothing worse than submitting a review of literature on advertising effectiveness that is riddled with errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Fortunately, you can easily solicit help online to effectively review your papers to ensure excellence.

Expert Help in Literature Review on Advertisement Effectiveness

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